Malaysian Substance Abuse Council

The Malaysian Substance Abuse Council (MASAC) is a non -profit organization registered on 21 December 2014.

MASAC serves as an umbrella organization for the members of the Coalition under its auspices by assisting, supporting and coordinating the efforts of the Coalition Members which gives new hope to NGOs and the community in addressing issues related to drug use.

MASAC will be a strategic partner with governments, corporate bodies and international organizations to ensure the effectiveness of tackling problems related to the use of illicit substances not only in treatment and rehabilitation services, advanced care and prevention but also in enacting drug-related laws and amendments to the Treatment Act and Drug Rehabilitation.

MASAC is making strides towards a sustainable organization by mobilizing energy from all walks of life in providing relevant services based on structured strategies through experience and research and further mobilizing the consolidation of seriousness and commitment in formulating new effective frameworks to address the drug problem.

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