Our objectives

are to empower members with the needed support and competency. To improve services deliveries, capacity and outcomes. And to implement programs that engages with the community and outcome based on evidence.

Our mission

is to unite & empower NGO in providing effective services in reducing substances abuse in Malaysia.

Our vision

is to reduce the demand of substances abuse and helping those entrapped with addictions.

Our approach

is based on genuine care and concern forthe wellbeing of the drug user, their family and community. We acknowledged that drug users are not a criminal. We believe, he or she deserve a helping hand instead of punishment. We care and concern for their wellbeing and the need for a better life.

  • Strengthen organizations functions
  • Develop and improve services capacity
  • Promote and market services
  • Advocate change; Drug Act. and Law
  • NGO as strategic partner with Government
  • Grant and Funding from Government and Corporates
  • Community engagements in Prevention Programs
  • Community engagements in Treatment & Rehabilitation and After Care services
  • Evidence based in all programs

We implement programs and activities that are people centered, approaches that are dynamic and realistic. Providing possibilities to individual’s choices & life transformation, hope to families and communities.

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Strategic partnership

with the Malaysian Government Agencies to improve services in prevention, treatment & rehabilitation and after care services. We are committed to persevere challenges, be creative in our approaches and explore innovative methodologies in order to improve our services delivery.

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